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Best CS:GO Match Betting Sites June 2021 - Top Picks


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Within the popular phenomenon of CSGO gambling, there are a number of ways that you can wager in-game skins, cryptocurrency and real cash. Here we would give you the lowdown on the best CSGO Match betting sites in 2021.

What is CSGO Match Betting?

CSGO match betting is not unlike conventional sports betting. At its core, it mirrors it completely as players will bet on the outcome of matches by choosing teams that they believe will win. The odds of each outcome will be clearly displayed and if players want to make accumulators or other betting variations, they will be welcome to do so. However, the two key differences are that players will be betting on the outcome of live Esports matches and they can do so with CSGO skins.

It is worth noting that because most of these websites will be licenced and regulated by a gambling authority, that players will likely have the option to bet using real-world currency. However, the sites give players the freedom to choose how they want to bet.

Is CSGO Match Betting Legit?

Yes, as mentioned above, the vast number of these CSGO match betting websites will be licensed and regulated by a gambling authority. The majority of which for reference, will base their operations in Curacao. So for this reason, all of the content on offer, the odds provided, the systems in place and the support offered to players will be up to regulation standards. Which makes websites that offer match betting the safest and most trustworthy of all those on the CSGO gambling market.

Best Sites For CSGO Match Betting

There are a number of great websites that offer a variety of match betting options. These websites aim to offer the most competitive odds on all the biggest Esports events happening around the globe, with most websites offering multiple games to bet on. Here is a rundown of some of the sites that offer CSGO match betting:

  • GG Bet
  • 888 Sports
  • Pinnacle Esports
  • CSGOLounge
  • Gamdom
  • CSGOEmpire

Tips When CSGO Match Betting

Know your Stuff: While there are many games and activities on CSGO gambling platforms that require little to no knowledge. CSGO match betting is not one of those things, at least if you want to win consistently that is. To enjoy the best results when using this gambling method, you should study the various games, teams and fixtures, developing an understanding of how good each team is, their recent form and the likelihood of each team performing on the day. Obviously, nothing is ever set in stone. However, having an idea of the most likely outcomes can help shape your bets.

Join Betting groups: We would also suggest that players join online forums and betting pages dedicated to CSGO match betting. These groups often provide insider information and detailed analysis of the upcoming matches you can bet on. This will give you a better chance of winning big.

Can you Bet Using Skins When CSGO Match Betting?

Yes absolutely, most websites will allow you to convert your CSGO skins into currency for their respective platforms, which can then in turn be used to bet on matches. These skins will be valued based on the Steam marketplace valuation and will then be converted by the website. This is a great way to part ways with unwanted skins and potentially win new and rare skins through your knowledge of the CSGO esports scene.

CS:GO Match Betting FAQ's

CSGO Betting is where you bet on a certain outcome of a n E- Sports game, and if your prediction is correct you earn a multiplied winning. you can bet on multiple things such as; winners, total kills per player, exact scoring, total deaths and so much more. 

CSGO betting is where you place a stake down for a team to win an e-sport game, and if your prediction is correct you earn back winnings.

Hash is a common term used by the provably fair system, which refers to the fairness of the game and you can prove that it isnt rigged. all sites listed have a provably fair.

Easiest way to win skins is to do your research on matches, and make educated guess’ on each match.

To Deposit skins you first need to have a steam account linked to your on site account, then you need to find the deposit section on the site. It should give you an option on what skins you want to use, choose the skins you wish to deposit and press enter. once you have done this you should recive a trade request froma bot with a security number linked. Check the number matches yours and click confirm. You should now have skins On-site.

To get good, you basically have to do your research before each game starts. we like to look at teams past performance and who is starting on each team. if you can see one team is stronger than the other you can make an educated guess and place your stake on that team to win.