Best CSGO Gambling Sites June 2021 - Top Picks


CS:GO Roll

Widely considered one of the best csgo gambling sites online CS:GO Roll offer generous free bonuses, free skins and a good selection of casino games including CSGO Crash, case opening, CSGO roulette and jackpot games. Join now for up to 1000$ and 3 free cases!



csgo empire

CSGO Empire is another leading gambling site with plenty of games to choose from. You can bet on almost every game that has competitive e-sports, from CSGO to Rocket Leauge, there is always something to keep you entertained. Join now a recive up to 2000$ for free!




This is not just a csgo gambling site, many other games can be enjoyed at CSGO500 such as hugely popular Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette and Monopoly Live. These games are often played by all the big streamers! Join now and recive 500Bux Free! 




this is a great skin gambling site with plenty of games to choose from. our favourite is jackpot, but with a selection of over 15 games, we never get bored.

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New to CSGO Betting?  Then Read On

CSGO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a first-person shooter that is very popular with its fans and is one of the most popular games for the PC. Apart from its violence-glorifying game theme, which is about killing other players, a completely different abyss opens up. CSGOAction.com is all about CSGO gambling and those gambling sites that are making a profit from the video game by offering skins and games to the players who join CSGO gambling sites.

For those gamers that like betting, it may come as a surprise to you, but there is a whole community that marries these two concepts. The CSGO betting sites cater for CSGO players with an interest in Gambling offering a series of games and wagering options. So with this in mind, we want to offer a quick guide explaining the concept, giving you a base knowledge of this interesting area of the betting sector. Here is our beginner’s guide to CSGO betting.

What Is CSGO Gambling?

CS:GO gambling involves the betting of either in-game items such as skins or real money on the results of CS:GO matches. Some gambling websites give you bonuses and you get an extra charge on your first deposit. Let’s take a closer look at how CSGO gambling sites are made possible and they work.

Players can bet items up to $300 in a single game, although some players use multiple Steam accounts to wager beyond that limit. The odds of a player winning change dynamically based on the ratio of bets between teams. This is known in technical jargon as “match betting”.

CSGO itself offers its players with paid weapon cases, so-called loot boxes, which the players unlock in the game for around 2.49 US dollars. The special thing about the loot boxes is that they are laborious to open. You pay a small amount for the loot boxes and the subsequent opening of these is rigorously celebrated.

Another sub-category of some CS:GO gambling sites allows you to convert your items into currency by making what is known as a mini-transaction for use in online games such as slots, Blackjack, dice, or roulette. Further, an alternate of these methods could also be “coin-flipping”, for example.

How Do CSGO Betting Sites Work?

In terms of the betting aspect of CSGO betting, the concepts are often not all that far removed from actual betting. The games often differ in name and format but they are usually recognisable. The key difference is that players can use CSGO marketplace commodities to play these games. Players who use CSGO Gambling sites will be able to connect their Steam library to the respective websites and use CSGO skins as a means of betting.

This usually leads to players betting on multipliers in the hope of upgrading their skins or simply betting the value of their skin in the hope of winning big. Then when the player has had their fill, they can withdraw their winnings in real cash, or alternatively, they can withdraw the skins they have earned and be the envy of their pals on the battlefield.

The games on these CSGO sites happen at a rapid pace with games usually starting, ending and refreshing in as little as 30 seconds. So no matter when you log in, there will always be something on offer for you to participate in.

CSGO betting sites offer a unique opportunity for younger members of the gaming community as this allows any player to make real cash through playing games. Most of these sites are unregulated and therefore, have no age restrictions. So there is nothing to stop savvy teens from taking their skins from their favourite games and turning them into a small fortune.

It is also worth noting that these websites not only cater to the CSGO community. A lot of these CS:GO betting sites will also offer skin trading and betting options for games such as Diablo, DOTA, Team Fortress and a number of others. In short, these sites are gamer-oriented, cater to the needs of many and allow you to make money gaming. What’s not to love?

What is CSGO Skin Gambling?

In video games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), skin gambling involves the use of virtual goods, which are mostly purely “cosmetic” elements such as “skins” that have no direct influence on the gameplay, so offer neither advantage nor disadvantage. However, these virtual goods or items have a kind of prestige for the players. The rarer a skin is, the more it is worth to the respective player.

These items are very difficult for players to obtain in the actual game. As in real life, the price of the items is determined by supply and demand. The rarest item is the hardest to get and so everyone wants it, which increases its immaterial price. You can compare the skin bets and the respective gambling sites with the well-known lottery game in real life. In the lottery, there is also something very rare as the main prize, but it is of great value.

What Do You Win at CS:GO Gambling Sites?

People no longer pay attention to the actual probability of winning but just chase after the “big” fish. CS:GO Gambling is socially accepted now and this is expressed in both the macro and the microcosm of the world. In the microcosm, here the CSGO community, gambling, or in gamer jargon, is just as accepted as, for example, playing the lottery I mentioned. It’s normal and you are almost adored for rare csgo skins or weapons.

This contributes to the fact that CSGO has a very competitive, i.e. competition-like, character. CSGO is particularly popular in the Esports scene. As it is extremely popular in this scene, every little thing like a rare skin can be very significant to the players. For example, if an opponent has a rarer csgo skin or a rare item, this, in turn, means for the players that their teammate with the rare skin must be extremely experienced or good at the game.

So if you win a rare skin at a gambling site, it works like a kind of status symbol. This can again be compared with our real life. For example, if someone drives an expensive car, we immediately associate it with the fact that they are otherwise (financially) successful in other areas of life.

The appearance of people can also create a so-called halo effect. We immediately assign attributes such as successful or wealthy to good-looking people without doing it on purpose. The same phenomenon of the halo effect can then also be observed when playing CSGO. Players with better, rarer, and therefore more valuable csgo skins are placed on a pedestal and are considered better, although the skins are purely cosmetic.

How We Choose the Best CS:GO Gambling Sites

When deciding if the CSGO gambling sites we feature are legit we assess the following factors.

Provably Fair

The first thing we look at to make sure any gambling site is legit is that the games are provably fair. all the CSGO gambling sites featured here are certified provably fair.


As with any betting site on the internet, for a cs:go gambling site to be legit they must have state of the art SSL encryption and comply with data protection laws in the territory they operate.  If you are csgo skin gambling or playing at a roulette site your personal data should be 100% secure. We make sure we only list csgo sites that have this strict security in place.

CS:GO Gambling Options

All the gambling sites we feature have a decent selection of games with well know skin betting options such CSGO coin flip, minesweeper, crash, blackjack, roulette and jackpot sites. Some of the CS:GO gambling sites we feature also offer traditional casino games such as slots and table games.

eSports and Match Betting Options

Esports betting and CSGO match betting, in particular, is very popular. Bets can be placed using real money or cryptocurrencies. We have handpicked the best Esports gambling sites to place a bet on CSGO games and tournaments as well as other popular esports such as LOL and DOTA 2.

Free Coins, Bonus Codes & Free Skins

The best CS:GO Gambling sites will offer some kind of sign up bonus, whether gambling with real money or skin betting, we dig out the best offers, be it free coins, a free case or deposit bonuses.

CS:GO Gambling FAQ's

Gambling on CSGO is using virtual in-game items to bet on E-Sports matches and other casino games such as roulette. 

When valve added skins to Counter Strike back in 2013 players were quick to notice how rare certain skins were, and with the steam community marketplace being very active, it didn’t take long for them to skyrocket in price. Using these skins as a virtual currency you can bet on matches and try and win a better item for yourself to use in-game.

No, CSGO Gambling is completly legal.

Yes, All sites we show on our site all hold the correct gambling licence’s, and they all have a provably fair games.

Yes, if you have the skins in your steam inventory, you can deposit them onto the sites.

Yes, most sites we advertise do. Our favorite one is CSGORoll, as they have plenty of other deposit methods available such as crypto, skrill and even gift cards.

Our top pick is CSGORoll. With plenty of deposit methods, large collection of fun games and the oppertunity to win up to 10,000$ daily for free, this is clearly the top pick. 

Popular Games at CSGO Gambling Sites

There are a number of games, services and approaches that sites take when offering CSGO betting. Some of the best CS:GO betting sites are licenced and regulated much like conventional betting sites, so they offer lots of recognisable betting options such as match betting, video slots, live table games and much more. Whereas other websites will gear themselves more toward a fully CSGO community-focused approach.

These websites will offer games that are focused on allowing players to upgrade and wager skins in the hope of getting more desirable ones. These games vary from site to site but popular options tend to be games such as Crash, Hilo, Roulette, Coinflip and Jackpot to name a few.

Then there are a number of these websites that allow players to passively gamble. A lot of these websites offer daily rewards, social media giveaways and affiliate bonuses. So if you are clever in the way you approach this activity, you could earn great skins or real cash without investing a penny.

Although you may be wondering what these games mentioned above entail. So here is a quick description of each game you are likely to find on a CSGO betting website.

roulette site

CSGO Roulette

It is a game of chance that you have to play with coins. Many people have the perception that by playing on CSGO roulette sites they will make a profit quickly and easily. You should take a look at the game guides if you want to take advantage of the roulette odds. You have the choice of whether you want to bet on red, black, or green. From these 3 colours, green is the one with the lowest chance of winning. However, it has the highest payout when you win. On CSGO gambling sites, Roulette is widely considered one of the best games.


If you want a game of chance that gives you quick wins, give CSGO Crash sites a try. The good thing is that you can try the game with free coins before using your money. What you are going to do is bet on a graph that keeps going up. You will lose your bet if you do not “cash-out” before the graph is crushed. All the best CSGO gambling sites feature crash and it is very popular with players

CS:GO Jackpot


CSGO Jackpot is the type of game that a lot of people love to play on CSGO gambling sites. The jackpot is all about your tickets and chances of winning. What you are going to do is put skins in a pot. The website then gives you tickets for the value your items have. If, for example, you bet $10 you get 1000 tickets. If your opponent bets $20, he’ll get 2000 tickets. He will have a higher percentage of profits than you. You will have higher chances of winning if you get higher tickets than opponents.

coin flip


As the name suggests, this game is the same format as a simple coin toss. Players will have a 50/50 chance of winning and you will either double your stake or lose it all. This is another simple game that is great for beginners. However, we will admit that there are more deep and compelling games out there and most CSGO Coinflip sites offer other popular games that you should check out include Hilo, trade up, upgrade, wheel of fortune and dice.

Big CSGO Gambling Websites

If you, as an enthusiastic CSGO player, want to invest your money in such games of chance in order to get skins and other items that are important for the game, the question naturally arises of how you can do this.

Of course, as mentioned before, this can be done through CSGO gambling sites. However, if you do not know about virtual gambling, which gambling sites are the best again arises. Below I am going to introduce you to the best CSGO gambling websites.


csgo empireCSGOEmpire has been a thriving  CSGO gambling site for quite a few years. They have a loyal customer base, which would suggest they are a reputable provider. The game selections are limited at CSGO Empire but it is important to mention that they are all provably fair.


csgo-500CSGO500 is also a csgo gambling site. CSGO500 mainly offers the game options such as Crash, VGO Skins, and the Wheel of Fortune.


csgo liveCSGOLive is a very interesting online website that you can link to your Steam account. Here you can buy weapon cases, i.e. loot boxes, for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This site also offers several different games.

So that is our beginners guide to the popular phenomenon of CSGO betting sites. Was this guide helpful for you? Are there any other aspects of CSGO betting you would like to know more about? Have you found a new CS:GO gambling site you think is worth a mention here? Why not drop us an email and let us know your favourite skin gambling sites and we will be sure to check them out and review them.