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Yes, Gamdom is one of the best-respected CSGO gambling platforms around. The company has been running for about five years now, has built a wonderful reputation within the CSGO community and has a wealth of positive customer reviews online. Plus, this website is licenced and regulated by the Curacao gaming authority, which guarantees that all the platforms games and practices are up to industry standard. This is a transparent and legit business that you can definitely trust.

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When choosing the ideal CSGO gambling platform, picking from the huge selection available can be a really tough task. There are so many features that set good platforms apart from the rest. Features such as great customer service, a wide variety of casino games, great design and UI. Or perhaps you are swayed by the free stuff and giveaways many sites offer. Well, we aim to make your choice a little easier by providing reviews for some of the best platforms around. Here, we take a look at the popular CSGO Gambling platform, Gamdom.

Is Gamdom Safe to Use?

Yes, as we mentioned, this website is licenced and regulated by the Curacao gaming authority, so all games, designs and functions on the platform will be vetted to ensure that they are up to regulation. Then with regards to your safety when online and using this platform, you can rest assured that all your personal details are safe thanks to the SSL padlock encryption that the website uses.

We scoured the internet and were unable to find any instance of players losing their money, having their account hacked or any other similar issues, which is a testament to the way this website is ran. So overall, we would say that Gamdom is completely safe to use.

What Games Do Gamdom Offer?

Gamdom offers a great selection of games that range from CSGO favourites to conventional casino classics. Gamdom seems to cater to all members of the gambling community, providing something to everyone’s taste. Here is a list of the games you will find on Gamdom:

CSGO Crash: This game is ideal for beginners. Picture it like the stock market where you are watching a graph rise steadily. Your job is to bet on when the line will crash to the floor and you simply bet on what you believe will happen.

CSGO Roulette: Very similar to the conventional casino table game. The player simply bets on the colour represented by a multiplier and then as the wheel spins, the winner is determined. This is also a great game for beginners.

CSGO Hilo: This game, as you might have guessed by the name, is higher or lower. Players have to guess whether the next value on screen will be higher or lower than the one currently shown. This is a straightforward one and one of the rare examples of a CSGO card game.

CSGO Trade up: This is a feature that allows you to bet skins in the hope of upgrading your items. The player simply selects the item they desire, wagers the skins they are willing to part with and then the algorithm will confirm the percentage chance of you winning the prize. This is a great way to get rid of useless items and potentially obtain a great one as a result.

Live Casino Games and Sportsbook: Then outside of the CSGO related games, you have live casino games and a sportsbook. These allow you to play video slots and live table games from respected game providers such as Evolution and NetEnt for example. Plus, the sportsbook allows you to bet on live sports and Esports, including live CSGO pro matches.

Does Gamdom Have a Referral System?

Yes, Gamdom does have a referral system that rewards both the user and the provider of said code. For those that use the code, they will receive free skins and coins which can be used to wager on-site. Then as for those who provide the codes, they will receive a rather lucrative house edge commission for each player they bring on board. This percentage begins at 1% but has the capacity to rise to a whopping 6%. This is a decent deal and makes referring Gamdom to your friends more than worth your while. Here is our own dedicated Gamdom affiliate code below:

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Is Gamdom Customer Support Good?

Sadly, we would have to say that Gamdom are rather lacking in this department. Most websites of this stature will tend to offer a ticket service and a live chat service. However, this website offers neither, with the user being forced to use a dedicated email support line of contact one of the social media platforms. We will say that the help offered by the agents on hand was of the highest quality. They were courteous, knowledgeable and able to solve the problem quite fast. However, don’t expect an initial response any quicker than within 24hrs.

The Verdict

Overall, Gamdom aside from a weak customer support network is a very strong gambling platform. The company offers plenty of deals and promotions, is completely safe and fair, has a variety of games and activities that will please just about any player. Plus, the referral system is a lucrative one for users and providers. Gamdom is well worth a look for any CSGO gambler, so make sure you give it a try and use our Gamdom affiliate code when you do.

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