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CSGO Polygon Promo Codes & Review June 2021

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Is CSGO Polygon Legit


Yes, CSGO Polygon is a recognised and respected CSGO gambling platform. This website has been trading since 2016 and has gathered a number of positive reviews and loyal customers within this time. The only negative point we could make is that CSGO Polygon has a pretty weak social footprint. However, this is only a small gripe and otherwise, this website is a reputable company and a legit gambling site.

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CSGO Polygon Review

When choosing the ideal CSGO gambling platform, picking from the huge selection available can be a really tough task. There are so many features that set good platforms apart from the rest. Features such as great customer service, a wide variety of casino games, great design and UI. Or perhaps you are swayed by the free stuff and giveaways many sites offer. Well, we aim to make your choice a little easier by providing reviews for some of the best platforms around. Here, we take a look at the popular CSGO Gambling platform, CSGO Polygon.

Is CSGO Polygon Safe to Use?

Yes, CSGO Polygon employs a number of tactics to ensure that their users are protected at all times. The website uses SSL encryption software and DDoS cloudware software to protect users from hackers. The website also makes use of several safeguarding procedures to protect players and allow them to gamble responsibly. Plus, the website only uses respected vendors as payment options.

Then with regards to fairness, CSGO Polygon use a completely provably fair system. If the player chooses to do so, they can access the provability page which showcases the various systems and algorithms at work. So for these reasons and more, we can say with clarity that CSGO Polygon is a safe and fair gambling site.

What Games Do CSGO Polygon Offer?

CSGO Roulette: This game is a re-inagining of a casino classic and allows players to double, triple or even multiply their stake fourteen-fold. All you have to do is select the segment colour you think will be chosen and if you pick right, you’ll walk away all the richer. This is a simple and fun game that is perfect for beginners.

Crash: CSGO Crash requires the player to select a multiplier and then watch a curve in the hope that their selection wins. The winner is chosen based on when the curve crashes on the floor. It’s like the stock market but with CSGO skins, what’s not to love?

Coin flip: It’s as simple as flipping a coin. No, really. It’s the traditional heads or tails coin toss, but with much more on the line. You simply make your choice and have the chance of doubling your stake. It’s simple and a lot of fun.

Jackpot: This one is for the risk takers. This one is like a raffle. You put in skins and the winner takes home all the skins in the pot. The more you invest, you more likely you are to win. However, even the smallest wager has a chance of winning it all. It’s worth a gamble.

Dice: Then lastly, we have dice. This game, rather unsurprisingly revolves around rolling dice. Players will bet on the outcome with criteria such as ‘less than 3’ or ‘roll a six’ being needed to win. It’s another accessible game that’s perfect for beginners.

Does CSGO Polygon Have a Referral System?

Yes, and it’s a very good one indeed. For those that make use of the referral codes in circulation, you will receive 1000 coins. Now, this seems like a lot but it’s only the equivalent of one dollar. However, one dollar as a CSGO gambling welcome bonus is not to be sniffed at. As it is double what you will get from most sites around. Here is our CSGO Polygon promo code so you can claim 1000 coins for yourself:

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Then for those that circulate these codes, you will really enjoy what CSGO Polygon has to offer. For every code that gets used by a new customer, the code owner will receive 200 coins which they can use to wager and make more cash if they are savvy enough. We admit that it’s perhaps not as lucrative as percentage systems but it’s perhaps more accessible for casual referrals.

Is CSGO Polygon Customer Support Good?

This is by far the weakest aspect of CSGO Polygon’s platform. We touched on the fact that the company don’t have much of a social footprint, so contacting them that way is tricky at best. However, when you also factor in that the service doesn’t have a live chat service or ticket support, the options become pretty limited for customers. You essentially have access to one support network which is the dedicated email. This is monitored rather sporadically and you will be lucky to receive a response within 24hrs. Plus, when you do, the agents on hand won’t be all that helpful or courteous. So in short, if you value a point of contact to deal with your issues, CSGO Polygon is not for you.

The Verdict

Overall, we have to say that CSGO Polygon is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, you have a wide variety of games, a variety of payment methods and a strong referral system. However, on the other, you have a terrible support network. We would say certainly try CSGO Polygon for yourself as there are plenty of positives to be found there. However, just be aware of the shortcomings as well. Plus, if you do head over there, be sure to you our CSGO Polygon promo code above.

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