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Is CSGOatse Legit

Yes, CSGOatse is a completely legit and transparent CSGO gambling service. This company has been actively trading for a number of years now and within this time they have managed to gather a very impressive customer base and a series of positive reviews. We scoured the internet and found very few negative reviews about this website. So with this all in mind, we can say with some certainty that CSGOatse is a legit service.

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CSGOatse Review

When choosing the ideal CSGO gambling platform, picking from the huge selection available can be a really tough task. There are so many features that set good platforms apart from the rest. Features such as great customer service, a wide variety of casino games, great design and UI. Or perhaps you are swayed by the free stuff and giveaways many sites offer. Well, we aim to make your choice a little easier by providing reviews for some of the best platforms around. Here, we take a look at the popular CSGO Gambling platform, CSGOatse.

Is CSGOatse Safe to Use?

Yes, CSGOatse is a safe and secure service that does its utmost to protect its customers. This is a regulated site that has a number of parameters in place to ensure customer safety. Parameters such as SSL padlock encryption to protect user’s information, the employment of several safeguarding procedures and cloudware DDoS software.

Then with regards to the fairness of the games and systems used on this platform, the site uses a completely provably fair system. They have a page with all the details on the website for all customers to read at their leisure. This allows you to understand the inner workings of the platform and will do a lot to put your mind at ease.

What Games Do CSGOatse Offer?

Wheel of Destiny: This sounds unique but in reality it is just as adapted version of CSGO crash. Simply pick your multiplier of choice and predict when the wheel will stop spinning. It’s simple, fun and perfect for beginners.

CSGO Roulette: This is extremely similar to the popular casino table game. Choose the multiplier on the screen you think will come up and if it does, you’ll be in the money. Again, very simple and perfect for beginners.

Jackpot: This one is for the risk takers. This one is like a raffle. You put in skins and the winner takes home all the skins in the pot. The more you invest, you more likely you are to win. However, even the smallest wager has a chance of winning it all. It’s worth a gamble.

Blackjack: Another game that is essentially a copy of a popular casino table game. Players will aim to add card values as close to 21 without exceeding that value. This is a rather tactical game with a lot of strategy, so only play this one if you are confident in your abilities.

Minesweeper: Then lastly, we have a game made famous by Windows 95 and adapted for CSGO gamblers. This requires players to clear a board without hitting a mine and losing it all. This also needs a certain level of understanding, so be sure that you understand the game of Minesweeper before you try this version.

Does CSGOatse Have a Referral System?

Yes, CSGOatse has a referral system that benefits both the users and the providers. For those that make use of these codes, they will receive five coins which is the equivalent of one dollar. This amount is double the usual standard of welcome bonuses so this will appeal to those who really enjoy a freebie. Here is our own promo code for you to use:

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Then as for those giving out the codes, they will receive a percentage of 0.05% of all revenue generated by these new users. However, if the code gets used frequently this can rise to 2.5%. Plus, all those who deal out CSGOatse codes will be able to access exclusive promos. So all in all, a very lucrative referral system from both sides.

Is CSGOatse Customer Support Good?

The customer support at CSGOatse is a rather average support system when compared to competitors. This website has a comprehensive FAQ section that will help with any general query regarding the platform. Then if you need an answer to a complex query, the website has a support ticket system or the option of consulting the social media pages linked to the company. On the positive side, the representatives tend to be knowledgeable and courteous. However, on the negative side, you will have to wait at least 24hrs for a response, especially if you use the support ticket function. The website would really benefit from a live chat function and as a result, this is a weak point of for the platform.

The Verdict

Overall, CSGOatse is a solid CSGO gambling platform that offers plenty for dedicated gamblers. The games on offer are varied and unique. The site is safe and secure with plenty of payment methods and in truth, the only real disappointing aspect is the customer service which is still better than some offerings online. We would urge you to give CSGOatse a try and be sure to use our CSGOatse promo code when you do.

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