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Yes, CSGO500 is a completely legitimate CSGO gambling platform that is transparent and up front about all their practices. The website has been running for over five years and within that time, the company has managed to garner a great reputation within the CSGO community. The website has tonnes of positive reviews on respected platforms like Trustpilot, there is an extensive about us page that offers you all the information you would ever need to know about this company and this site is licenced and regulated by the Curacao gaming authority, so you know what you are getting is up to the industry standard.

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CSGO500 Review

When choosing the ideal CSGO gambling platform, picking from the huge selection available can be a really tough task. There are so many features that set good platforms apart from the rest. Features such as great customer service, a wide variety of casino games, great design and UI. Or perhaps you are swayed by the free stuff and giveaways many sites offer. Well, we aim to make your choice a little easier by providing reviews for some of the best platforms around. Here, we take a look at the popular CSGO Gambling platform, CSGO500.

Is CSGO500 Safe to Use?

Yes, as we touched on, the site is licenced and regulated by the Curacao gaming authority, so you can rest assured that all the games and algorithms in place do exactly as they should. Meaning you definitely won’t fall victim to any scams. The platform also offers SSL padlock protection to keep your information out of the hands of hackers, the website has a number of safeguarding methods to help gamblers gamble responsibly and the site also has a provability if you ever feel the need to understand why an outcome turned out the way it did. In short, CSGO500 is a safe and fair gambling platform.

What Games Do CSGO500 Offer?

CSGO500 offers all the fan favourite CSGO games, plus a few traditional casino options that will appease gamblers who enjoy a more authentic experience. Here is a quick rundown of the games you will find when using CSGO500:

CSGO Crash: This is a CSGO gambling favourite. Players simply bet on when the rising line will crash to the ground and the winner will be determined by the correct choice. It couldn’t be easier and makes this game perfect for beginners.

CSGO Roulette: This game is really no different to the authentic casino table game. You pick a colour on the wheel and then the wheel will spin. If the colour you choose pops up, then you win. It’s that simple and it’s lots of fun.

CSGO Wheel of Fortune: This is almost identical to CSGO Roulette. However, there is one unique twist and that is the multipliers on offer. Roulette tends to offer quite conservative multipliers, whereas wheel of fortune allows players to potentially win 50x their stake. This is a fun game and has the potential to see you win big.

CSGO Duels: The best way to describe this game is like competitive roulette. Players will be assigned a colour and when four players have locked in their wager, the randomiser will select a colour. Then one player walks away with the spoils while the rest walk away empty-handed. It’s simple and it’s intense.

Live Casino Games and Match Betting: Then lastly, the website offers traditional casino games such as video slots and live table games as well as an online sportsbook to bet on live matches. This includes esports matches such as CSGO, LoL, DOTA and Overwatch for example. These are great options for those that like a more traditional betting experience.

Does CSGO500 Have a Referral System?

Yes, CSGO500 does have a referral system. For those that use the code on offer, they will receive 500 bux, the platform currency for CSGO500. This seems like a lot but in reality, it’s only worth $0.50 which makes this a pretty standard welcome bonus. Here is our code if you would like to get a bonus when using CSGO500:

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However, for those handing out the referral codes, the affiliate bonus is pretty lucrative. At the moment, CSGO500 is offering a promotion that allows referrers to earn a whopping 30% of all revenue from referred players and according to reports from website officials, this promotion is set to go on for the foreseeable. So to summarize, rather standard offering for new customers but great for the referrer.

Is CSGO500 Customer Support Good?

CSGO500 doesn’t have the most comprehensive support network for sure. However, what it does offer is still more than enough to help players get the support they need. The website has a large FAQ section that covers every general problem that players will encounter when using the service. Then for more complex queries, players will have to consult the dedicated email support line. The agents on this channel are well versed, have a great, professional manner and work rapidly to get you back playing in no time. We will admit that a live chat service would be much better but this is very much a close second for us and goes what is needed in a case of crisis.

The Verdict

Overall, CSGO500 is a great CSGO Gambling platform that offers a great all-round experience. The service is safe and secure. It’s licensed and regulated by a trusted body. It has a variety of games that are all fair, the customer service is, while a little underwhelming, still great for what it is and the referral system is impressive, especially for those dealing out the codes. For all these reasons and more, we would urge you to check out CSGO500 and see if it is the gambling platform for you.

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