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CS:GO Roll Promo Codes & Review June 2021

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Is CS:GO Roll Legit?

Yes, absolutely. CSGO Roll is a tenured and respected platform within the CSGO gambling community. This company entered the market in 2015 and despite having to compete with stiff competition, has managed to become a staple of this community. The website has a wealth of great reviews online, hundreds of thousands of registered players and thanks to this, we can guarantee that you will find absolutely no issues with this website’s legitimacy.

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CS:GO Roll Review

When you are scouring the internet, looking for a new CSGO gambling website that will value your time and patronage. There are a number of factors that will sway your decision one way or another. These might be the games on offer, the quality of the service provided, the free goodies handed to you upon arrival, or you might just like the look of the website.

Whatever your preference, it’s important to make an informed decision. So we want to offer you reviews that break down the various CSGO gambling sites on the internet and give you the tools to make the right decision. Today we are looking at the popular gambling platform, CSGO Roll.

Is CSGO Roll Safe to Use?

Not only is this website one you can trust, but it is also a website that looks after you and your wellbeing. The site has a number of safeguarding measures to help you gamble responsibly. The platform has SSL Padlock encryption software to keep your info safe from hackers. Plus, when it comes to fairness when playing the variety of games on offer, this website keeps players in the loop with a comprehensive FAQ and provability section to ensure that all players understand and accept the outcome of each game. So in short, CSGORoll is safe, secure, transparent and takes its duty of care very seriously.

What Games Do CSGO Roll Offer?

Roulette: Firstly, we have a game that most will be familiar with. CSGO Roulette is for all intents and purposes, a replica of the popular casino game. Players make their choice, the wheel spins and if you happen to have made the right choice, you get your stake back and more. It’s a great game for beginners and offers some truly intense gambling moments that we all crave.

Crash: Then we have crash, another game with a simple premise. All you have to do is watch the ascending line and guess when the line will fall. Picture it like a stock market crash. This is a great one for beginners who aren’t into the traditional casino game variants.

Jackpot: Jackpot is a game made with the plucky underdog in mind. This game allows you to contribute to a winner takes all prize pot where you can add coins and skins in exchange for a higher chance of winning everything. We admit it’s a game that favours the rich. However, it only takes one bit of luck for your financial situation to change. So perhaps it’s worth a punt.

Dice: Dice is as simple as the game implies. The animation will show a traditional six sided dice and players will be tasked with choosing the outcome. This might be high or lower than 3. Or perhaps a specific number. The choice is up to you and the rewards can be spectacular.

Case Opening: Then we also have an activity where players can unbox cases they have earned or bought through the online marketplace. This is a fun way to earn some of the finest items within the game. Plus, you can customise cases depending on your preference which is a nice touch.

Do CSGO Roll Have a Referral System?

Yes, CSGORoll does have a referral scheme and it’s a real showstopper. For those that make use of the CSGO Roll affiliate code, you will receive a staggering 3 free cases. Which blows most welcome bonuses out of the water. Here is our code listed below:

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Then as for those providing the code, you will receive a house edge percentage of 30% to begin with, with the potential to rise to a very impressive 50%. So as a whole, we would say that this deal is easily one of the most generous on the market whether you are pushing or using codes. So you would be a fool not to make use of this opportunity.

How Good is CSGO Roll’s Customer Service?

CSGO Roll offered one of the most comprehensive support networks that you are likely to see on the market. The service makes use of a well-written FAQ section, a ticket system and a dedicated email address. However, none of these options compare to the live chat service which has the scope to get you back up and running within minutes. We tested this service and were happy to find that CSGO Roll had responded to our query in a matter of minutes.

The customer service agent was extremely helpful, friendly and quick to deal with the issue. If this is an indication of the support network as a whole, then we cannot help but be impressed. So for a service that will look out for you 24/7, CSGO Roll is a good choice.

The Verdict

Overall, CSGORoll has a little bit of everything. The games come in great variety, the UI and design is super, the customer support is excellent and the referral system is one of the most generous offers that we have ever seen. We certainly see why so many customers use and positively review CSGORoll and we would wager that you will be one of them too. So head over there now and be sure to use our CSGORoll referral code when you do.

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