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CSGO Empire Promo Codes & Review June 2021

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Is CSGO Empire Legit?


Yes, CSGO Empire is one of the most popular and respected CSGO gambling websites on the market. This website has been around since the market began in 2015 and since then, this website has grown exponentially, built a large customer base and has seen over $2 billion flow through their rather impressive gambling site. The site is also licenced and regulated under the Curacao gambling authority, further showcasing that this platform is legit, transparent and trustworthy.

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CSGO Empire Review

CSGO to the outsider looking in may seem like just a well rounded and popular FPS shooter. However, for those involved in the CSGO community, you will know that it is a brand that has much more to offer than simply online gaming. A great example of this is the incredibly popular CSGO gambling market which allows players to gamble their in-game skins with the chance of winning better gear or even real cash.

One such website that offers this is CSGO Empire, an OG CSGO gambling website. In this review, we look at how this website compares with other platforms on the market, testing its authenticity, features and security to give you all the info you need. Here is our review of CSGO Empire.

Is CSGO Empire Safe?

Yes indeed, CSGO empire employs a number of security measures to protect your personal information. The site uses SSL padlock protection to encript all your personal data, ensuring hackers can’t ruin your day. Plus, the website also uses secure G2A payment software, Cloudware DDoS protection and provides a number of safeguards, meaning that when the fun stops, CSGO Empire do all they can to help you gamble responsibly.

Then as for the fairness of this site, we can vouch for them too. This site has a number of provability pages which show the various systems and algorithms at play. Meaning that if you have a query about the outcome of a particular game, the platform will do its utmost to explain what happened. This is a great feature and one that helps build trust with the customer base.

What Games Do CSGO Empire Offer?

CSGO Empire offers a wide variety of gambling and casino games. Allowing players to gamble their way and have a great deal of fun while they do. Here is a list of some of the games and activities on offer at CSGO Empire:

CSGO Roulette: This is a game that models itself after the popular casino game of the same name. Players will simply choose a multiplier represented by a coloured section of a wheel, then the wheel will turn and if your choice pops up, you’ll be rolling in dough. It’s a simple and accessible game that is perfect for beginners.

CSGO Coinflip: Coinflip is another simple and accessible game to beginners. This game is as simple as a traditional flip of a coin. You have two choices. One will win and one will lose. One will walk away with nothing, while the victor will walk away with double their stake. It’s that straightforward yet one of the most intense games on the roster, making it well worth a try.

CSGO Match Betting: Then we also have match betting. This is a market where players will be able to bet on the outcome of real live esports action. This one does require an intimate knowledge of the esports scene for the player to see consistent success. However, if you can master this, it can be one of the most rewarding activities of all.

Do CSGO Empire Have a Referral System?

Yes, CSGO Empire have a great referral system which allows players to claim free skins, cases and items. Here is our official code listed below:

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With this code, players will be given access to a free case which will often contain coins and skins which players can use to wager or withdraw to use in the game. Then as for those that distribute the code, the affiliate scheme is rather rewarding too. Users will be gifted a competitive house commission which can rise to as much as 6% depending on their codes performance. So whether you want to be the code user or provider, CSGO Empire has you covered.

How Good is CSGO Empire’s Customer Service

Then lastly, we quickly look at the overall customer service for CSGO Empire. We have to admit that we weren’t blown away by what was offered here. The customer service primarily consists of a dedicated email that one can contact. You can also contact the various related social media pages. However, this warranted a much slower response in our experience. The good news is that when you do get a response, the team of agents are all well trained, knowledgable and polite which is great.

However, we feel that a live chat service could really help improve the overall quality of this site. In short, a function but rather underwhelming customer support network.

The Verdict

Overall, CSGO Empire is a solid CSGO gambling outfit which is completely legit, fair and safe to use. The payment options are varied, as are the games and activities. The website design is superb and the number of giveaways offered to fans are in great supply. The only aspects that let this site down were the poor support functionality and response times. However, holistically, we would say that this website deserves your time. So go out there and see for yourself and be sure to use our CSGO Empire affiliate code listed above when you do.

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