Best CS:GO Blackjack Sites June 2021 - TOP 5



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Within the popular phenomenon of CSGO gambling, there are a number of ways that you can wager in-game skins and real cash or crypto. So we thought we would give you the lowdown on each of the most popular options. Here we are looking at CSGO Blackjack sites.

What is CSGO Blackjack?

If you are familiar with the traditional casino game of blackjack, then you will find very little difference between this and its CSGO counterpart. The key difference between the two is that CSGO Blackjack allows the player to wager CSGO skins as opposed to real-world currency. However, many sites offer varied payment options that allow for either.

This game’s format sees the player being dealt two cards and the dealer controlled by the site AI will also have two cards. Your goal is to get as close to the cumulative value of 21 without exceeding that value or being beaten by the dealer who is trying to do the same. It is a game that is simple in its nature, easy to understand and this makes this game one of the most accessible options for those that are new to the CSGO gambling community.

The other key difference is that this game doesn’t pin you against other players or show other player’s choices throughout. This is a rare example of a solitary CSGO gambling game.

Is CSGO Blackjack Legit?

This will depend on the website that you play blackjack on. CSGO blackjack is a common game to find on CSGO gambling websites despite the fact that it is perhaps not a staple of the community like Coinflip, CSGO Roulette or Jackpot. However, CSGO blackjack is still a game that is trusted and respected within the community. Just be sure to read the website’s provability policies before you commit to any major investments.

What CSGO Gambling Sites Offer CSGO Blackjack?

As mentioned, CSGO blackjack is perhaps one of the less represented ‘big hitters’ within the CSGO gambling market. However, there are still a wealth of websites that offer this game. Providing slick animations, fair gameplay and huge rewards for winners. Here are a few of the best CSGO blackjack sites:

  • Gamdom
  • CSGOatse
  • CSGO500
  • Thunder pick
  • Duelbits
  • Rollbit

Tips For Playing CSGO Blackjack

Understand Strategy: Unlike most games within CSGO gambling sites, CSGO blackjack is a test of skill and strategy rather than being based on chance. So to succeed you’ll need to understand the rules of blackjack, the best times to hit, the best times to stick with what you got. Plus, you’ll also need an understanding of the various probabilities depending on your hand. If you can do this, the house edge drops from 2% to about 0.5% so it’s well worth investing some time in.

Never take Insurance: Within the game of blackjack, you can invest in something called insurance. This will give you for stake back if the dealer hits blackjack. However, if the dealers up card is an ace, only four cards will lead to a blackjack which is roughly 30% so often, this is a waste of funds that can be better invested elsewhere.

Can I Use Skins To Bet on CSGO Blackjack?

As long as you are playing on a dedicated CSGO gambling platform, then yes you can. The website will price your skins based on the Steam market value and grant you the opportunity to wager them for an equivalent value. This is a great way to upgrade to new, rarer cosmetic items in-game, or simply get rid of unwanted items.