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Is Roobet Legit?


Yes, Roobet is a completely legit, transparent and trusted CSGO gambling website. The website is licenced and regulated by the Curacao gaming authority, with the company basing their headquarters in Belize. The website is owned by a parent company called TekHou5 and in terms of the service they offer, it is one that sways more toward conventional betting rather than CSGO style gambling. However, you can still use skins to make bets. They have been around for year’s, built up a strong customer base and for all these reasons, we would deem Roobet as a legit website to use.

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Roobet Review

When choosing the ideal CSGO gambling platform, picking from the huge selection available can be a really tough task. There are so many features that set good platforms apart from the rest. Features such as great customer service, a wide variety of casino games, great design and UI. Or perhaps you are swayed by the free stuff and giveaways many sites offer. Well, we aim to make your choice a little easier by providing reviews for some of the best platforms around. Here, we take a look at the popular CSGO Gambling platform, Roobet.

Is Roobet Safe to Use?

Then moving on to the overall safety of Roobet. This website as mentioned is licensed and regulated by the Curacao gaming authority, so you can rest assured that all their practices are going to be up to code. Then thanks to their links to a reputable parent company such as TekHou5, you know the product will be of the highest quality. The website also ensures safety through responsible gambling protocols and SSL padlock encryption.

Then with regards to fairness, Roobet uses a provably fair system that players can check at any time. The website has a page dedicated to showing the internal workings of their provably fair system, so you will never feel cheated by this website thanks to this transparency. So in short, this website is not only legit, it is also safe and fair.

What Games Do Roobet Offer?

Roobet does have a tendency to advertise their video slots and more traditional offering more than others. However, it may surprise a few that this site has a wealth of great CSGO related favourites. Here are a few you will find on Roobet:

Crash: First up, we have crash, one of the favourites within the CSGO community. This asks the player to predict when the ascending line will crash to the floor, much like watching stock on the stock market. If you manage to predict the result, you win the spoils. It’s simple but very effective.

Roulette: Then we have CSGO Roulette, a game that mimics the casino table game we know and love. In this one, you simply choose your segment of choice and watch as the wheel spins. Then if your chosen segment pops up, you win. This is great for traditionalists and beginners alike.

Tower: Next up is tower, this game asks the player to find the path up a tower. Some of the rungs will spell disaster for the player and the loss of their stake. So you need to find the clear path to the top and a large prize will await you at the peak. This is a great game and it’s a rare one, so this is certainly a reason to head to Roobet.

Mines: This game is a re-imagining of Minesweeper. The player will use logic and a hint of luck to clear a board without hitting any mines. If you can manage that, you’ll win a great prize. However, we would only advise you to play this game if you are familiar with the rules and strategy of this game.

Dice: Then lastly we have dice, a game that will have you predicting the outcome of dice rolls. You’ll need to predict based on criteria like ‘roll a five’ or ‘roll less than 3’. This is simple, accessible and perfect for beginners.

Does Roobet Have a Referral System?

Yes Roobet does have a referral system. For those that claim these promo codes, you will gain access to something called Roowards. These are essentially promotional deals, preferential features and cashback rewards. These allow players to get more from their investment and shows that Roobet value their new customers. If you want to get some Roowards, be sure to make use of our promo code below:

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Then for those that circulate these promo codes, you will gain access to a very lucrative affiliate programme. You will gain 5% of the house edge for all revenue generated by every single player that you bring on board. However, if your code gets used frequently, you’ll earn anywhere up to 15%. So it is well worth making the most of this referral system.

Is Roobet’s Customer Support Good?

Yes, as you would expect from a company of this stature, the customer support is of the highest standard. The site makes use of a dedicated help centre that has an extensive FAQ section, an email contact and a live chat function that is available 24/7. So no matter when a disaster strikes, Roobet will be on hand to assist. Then in addition to this, Roobet’s staff are knowledgable, courteous and speedy, getting you the resolution you need to minutes. So if customer service matters to you, Roobet just might be the platform for you.

The Verdict

Overall, Roobet is a very well designed CSGO gambling website that has something for everyone. The website has a wide variety of casino games, video slots and more CSGO friendly options so that everyone is happy. The site has excellent support services, a great referral system, a variety of secure payment methods and what’s more, the website looks and feels great. If you haven’t checked this one out before, we would urge you to give it a try. Plus, be sure to use our promo code when you do for a little extra cash to play with.

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