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Best CS:GO Case Opening Sites June 2021 - TOP PICKS


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On CSGO gambling sites, there are a number of ways that you can bet skins and real cash. Here we are looking at CSGO Case Opening Sites.

What is CSGO Case Opening?

CSGO case opening is an activity that allows players to open official, custom or prize cases relating to CSGO, depending on what the platform in question offers. These cases contain specific themed items and rare skins that the player can obtain by opening these cases. Each case has a number of items associated with it and a percentage chance of each item appearing. Think of this like opening packs or crates in games like FIFA or Overwatch for example.

This process is handled in various different formats depending on what website you visit. Many websites simply offer a marketplace where you can buy cases. However, other websites like to offer the player a chance to play games of chance, adding a gambling aspect to the player obtaining each case. This activity had spawned a number of quality case opening games and since this began, hundreds of millions of cases have been opened through these websites.

Is CSGO Case Opening Legit?

This will depend on the website that you use to acquire your cases. However, from a holistic point of view, CSGO case opening is an enjoyable and trustworthy method of attaining rare skins and in-game items. Players are often given the freedom to build their own case depending on their preferences and items they wish to obtain. They are also given the freedom to play or pay for their respective cases. Then in terms of the games and prices, most websites offer competitive pricing and provability pages to show that their gaming systems are fair. So as an activity within the CSGO community, CSGO case opening is one that you can trust.

What CSGO Gambling Sites Offer CSGO Case Opening?

CSGO case opening tends to be offered by sites that don’t offer casino-based gambling games or CSGO gambling favourites like Coinflip or Crash. Instead, these websites tend to offer case opening specific activities and usually a marketplace that allows players to buy cases without the need to play. Here is a quick list of some of the finest platforms that offer CSGO Case Opening:

  • Datdrop
  • Farm skins
  • Hellcase
  • CSGOLive
  • CaseRandom
  • Skinhub
  • Daddy Skins

Types of CSGO Case Opening Activities

Case Battle: Firstly, we have case battle. This is a competitive case opening game where players will gradually increase their offer for a case, adding more skins to the pot. Then the other player will match and up the ante until one player backs out of the deal. This is essentially like an auction-style game and it can lead to some very good deals if you play tactically and price players out.

Upgrade: Then we have upgrade, a solitary game that allows you to wager skins or cases to be in with a change of receiving a different item. The percentage chance of winning the case or item will depend on the value of the item you seek and indeed, the items that you offer for the upgrade to take place. This is a great activity to get rid of unwanted items and gives you a chance of obtaining something worth having.

Contract: Then we also have contracts, which is a trading system not unlike the one you may be familiar with if you’ve played Rocket League. This allows players to give up items that are ranked as low, medium or high quality. Then if they give up enough of each, they will be awarded an item in the tier above. This is a great way to get rid of low-quality items and upgrade your skin library.

Can you Pay Using Skins When Case Opening?

Absolutely, you can use either full cases or skins depending on the game that you are playing. Some of these websites will even buy your skins for real-world currency, which allows you to re-invest by buying new cases. These websites aim to offer complete freedom to their users and make case opening as fun and engaging as possible.

CS:GO Case Opening FAQ's

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